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October 31st, 2014
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I am 72 and was diagnosed with AFib in April of this year. I take warfarin and have had 3 rectal bleeding incidents since then and now I will have a colonoscopy/endoscopy this Friday. I am very scared of coming off the warfarin for 3 days and any bleeding if poylops are removed. Is this a dangerous procedure under these circumstances and should I be worrying about stopping the warfarin and the possibility of having a stroke. I asked this question yesterday and got no response. Please give me your opinion and hopefully relieve the stress I am feeling. Thank you.

2014-10-29 Answered By : Dr. Noel Gerard Boyle,MD, PhD

Answer:It is important to find a cause of your bleeding, and an endoscopy/colonoscopy would be a reasonable way to proceed. It is usually very low risk to stop Coumadin for 3 days for the colonoscopy, and this will allow the doctor doing the colonoscopy to perform biopsies if needed. So your doctor\'s plan is appropriate.

few days ago my father is suffering from heart attack. Immediately suggested doctor he advices do angiography. After angiography done he reported that certain veins of heart were blocked and needed to do surgery. Up to surgery he has to use some medications. One of the medications named t pan 40 I need exact cause of that tablet.

2014-10-28 Answered By : Dr. Noel Gerard Boyle,MD, PhD

Answer:You did not say what country you live in or in which you got this medication, \'t pan 40\' is most likely a version of pantoprazole, and ant--acid, anti-ulcer drug.

my father is 68 years old.4 years ago he had a heart operation and inserted a pacemaker. Since then he is using tonact TG regularly for to control his cholesterol. Recently he is suffering from fatigue problem. Then the doctor suggested that to use sorbitrate tablet with continuation of tonact TG. Please advise me sorbitrate is good for condition and it work to remove fatigue.

2014-10-28 Answered By : Dr. Noel Gerard Boyle,MD, PhD

Answer:Sorbitrate is a brand of isosorbide dinitrate, which is a medication used to treat cardiac chest pain (angina). It has no effect on cholesterol levels, and would be unlikely to have any effect on fatigue.

I am 34 years old male. My height is 5 feet 7 inches and my weight is 70 kg. I donít have any health problem my breathing is ok and I do not like any pain in chest. But suddenly I felt a light pinch in my heart from since last week until now. And it is not painful or anything. Please suggest me what causes it? I have not been to my GP yet.

2014-10-28 Answered By : Dr. Noel Gerard Boyle,MD, PhD

Answer:This is most likely muscular or skeletal pain; however you would be best to see your internist or family physician to evaluate fully.

I was diagnosed with Afib in April of this year. I am on Coumadin and warfarin. I have had some bleeding on 3 instances so I was referred to Dr. for endoscopy and colonoscopy which I will have this Friday. I am so scared of going off the warfarin for 3 days and bleeding if polops(?) need to be removed. Is this considered a dangerous procedure for people with Afib??

2014-10-28 Answered By : Dr. Noel Gerard Boyle,MD, PhD

Answer:Your doctor can help you calculate your CHADSVASc score, which can be used to estimate your risk of stroke. In general, it is low risk to stop Coumadin for a short period if needed for polyp removal at colonoscopy.

HI, yesterday when I am running I felt a dull pain on my left side of heart. When I am bending down feels it worst. I slept the whole night on my right side. From birth I have heart murmur on my left ventricular. I do not have shortness of breath or feel dizziness. Please suggest I can go to cardiologist for this?

2014-10-27 Answered By : Dr. Noel Gerard Boyle,MD, PhD

Answer:You did not state your age, which is always helpful to know. While some features of your pain suggest it could be muscle related, you would be best to see a physician, internist or cardiologist, who can evaluate you and check an ECG for other causes.

Hello, I am 19 years old and I am overweight. Few times I had a bad pain in my chest near my heart and also pain in my left arm. I had some symptoms like heart attack, is these symptoms are indeed to heart attack. Is it possible to get heart attack?

2014-10-27 Answered By : Dr. Noel Gerard Boyle,MD, PhD

Answer:Very unlikely to have heart attack at age 19, but your symptoms are quite concerning. Strongly advise you see internist or cardiologist for full evaluation.

Sir, my mother age is 55 years old.15 days ago she has a major heart attack because of his blocked upper coronary atery.Now she is discharged and medicines given and told that stunting or by pass within 2 months. And now she is getting frequent hiccups. Please advise a medicine for her.

2014-10-27 Answered By : Dr. Noel Gerard Boyle,MD, PhD

Answer:See prior answer to this question below.

HI, I am 30 years old. I am overweight but I feel like I am completely fine. Today I woke up my heart rate is 48 bpm. From the last month I am going to 3 spin classes. Is my heart rate is too low?

2014-10-27 Answered By : Dr. Noel Gerard Boyle,MD, PhD

Answer:No! - The normal heart rate ranges from 40 to 90 in healthy people (the usually quoted textbook values of 60-100 are incorrect and outdated!). However, the rate must be assessed based on each person\'s state of fitness and any symptoms such as dizziness. In your case a rate of 48 and feeling \'fine\' would be normal.

Hello Doctor, for past five years my mother has congestive heart failure. Day and night she is constantly drinking coffee (three carfas) and water. Is drinking too much liquid is bad? Recently she has vomited and complained stomach aches and his stomach is swalloen.Please suggest me, Thank you.

2014-10-27 Answered By : Dr. Noel Gerard Boyle,MD, PhD

Answer:For patients with congestive heart failure, fluid intake must be carefully balanced based on body weight, signs such as ankle or abdominal swelling and medications. Your mother should definitely see an internist or cardiologist with experience in treating patients with heart failure.

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