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February 13th, 2016
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Good morning sir. My mom having atrial fibrillation,now she in hospital.How she will be ok, thanks for your time.

2016-01-04 Answered By : Dr. Sacha P. Salzberg, MD, PhD

Answer:with this information i cant help you.

I am 50 years old female.In past 20 years had food poisoning twice, both times experienced vomiting. Become irregular heart rate and per a minute up to 230 beats, irregular beats and also pace(230). I have been converted with adenosine.Is this increase of AFib?

2016-01-04 Answered By : Dr. Sacha P. Salzberg, MD, PhD

Answer:I need more information to help you.

I had a silent heart attack. For 6 years have been on Atenolol Now develloped Atrial Fibrillation,i do not get a stroke? How to control this. Am carpenter, retired in 1985. We live in San Jose I do use a sleep Apnea machine at every night.

2016-01-04 Answered By : Dr. Sacha P. Salzberg, MD, PhD

Answer:As long as you take your anticoagulation you will be protected from a Stroke.

i have a beta blocker but still speeds up my heart beats and misses beats.why my doctor do not have clue

2016-01-04 Answered By : Dr. Sacha P. Salzberg, MD, PhD

Answer:a 24h Holter will provide your doctor with more information

my mom heart beat reaches 120 every day she has atrial fibirllition and her Dr keeps admitting her to the hospital and he trying so many bills on her but when she goes home it goes up again.No one know to me am affried that he will die by a strock

2016-01-04 Answered By : Dr. Sacha P. Salzberg, MD, PhD

Answer:if she takes her anticoagulation she will be protected froma stroke. Ask your doctor.

Which US hospitals are considered experienced atrial ablation centers?

2016-01-01 Answered By : Dr. Sacha P. Salzberg, MD, PhD

Answer:sorry i can only give you advice on european centers. but the website has all relevant informations. Best of Luck!

I have had parosysmal AF for aprox 8 years. Initially, AF occured 3 to 4 times per year, lasted approx. 1 day and automatically returned to NSR. It progressed to 1 time per month and now for many years i go into AF approx. every 6 to 7 days. Within 24 to 36 hours i am back in NSR 95% of the time with cardio exercise either on the bike, road or stairs. I work to maintain approx. only 120 to 130 bpm while exercising and then have 2 minute rest periods to reduce heart rate before beginning exercise again. I am on no AAD\'s and no anticoagulants. My CHAD score is 1 for age (65). In addition I have Crohn\'s Disease since 18 y.o. One year ago echo had my LA size as normal the same size as my echo from many years ago (normal). Is this possible to have AFIB for so long and not have remodeling of LA? Can there be fibrosis of the LA without increase in LA size? Is there a test to measure the extend of fibrosis? How is it possible to have parosysmal AFib so long without it becoming presistent? I eat at home a vegeterian all organic diet with no alcohol. I played midfield on my soccer team for over 30 years. Both parents have AFIB. Am i a candidate for PVI ablation (cryo) with FIRM with Crohn\'s and occasional rectal bleeding? Thank You, Doctor!! Howard Friedberg 201 773 3224

2016-01-01 Answered By : Dr. Sacha P. Salzberg, MD, PhD

Answer:In your case the indication to perform an LAA closure and stop anticoagulation is given. This is a good argument to go for a thoracoscopic procedure. This will include bipolar RF PVI in addition to LAA Clipping. After this procedure you will require anticoagulation for 6 Weeks afterwhich this can be discontinued safely. The results fo this procedure are excellent.

Is persistent left-sided superior vena cava associated with an increased risk of atrial fibrillation or typical atrial flutter?

2015-12-01 Answered By : Dr. Sacha P. Salzberg, MD, PhD

Answer:please seek advice from an electrophysiologist

The new non-invasive ECVUE mapping system from Medtronics seems to have impressive results with persistent AFIB patients in European studies. How soon is this likely to be available in the US, and is it worth waiting for by someone who has had one catheter ablation and now needs a second ablation (but who is in good general health with \"lone ablation\")?

2015-12-01 Answered By : Dr. Sacha P. Salzberg, MD, PhD

Answer:sorry i cant help with this

I am 61 years old, 5\' 9\", 170 lbs. I exercise regularly. I had to buy a portable ekg machine to show doctors that I have afib. In two months I had 3 episodes of Afib lasting about 8 hours each, before that Afib was rare. Other than afib I have no heart issues at all. Stress echo was normal. I found that Afib was being started by high BP and last one by drinks. Now my BP is controlled and alcohol limited to 1 drink per week. Currently I am on Lipitor 10 mg, Atenolol 25 mg, baby aspirin and BP medicine (AmLODPine?). I am being advised by electrophysiologist to go on Anti Arrhythmia drugs. Seems to me I am a better candidate for ablation since my Afib is new. Why bug with dangerous drugs when ablation seems more successful for Paroxysmal Afib?

2015-12-01 Answered By : Dr. Sacha P. Salzberg, MD, PhD

Answer:I agree. Go seek advice in an experienced ablation venter. either catheter ablation or thoracoscopic ablation will be a good option.

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