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March 26th, 2015
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Hai, Doctors had implanted 2 heart stents and am having considerable pain in my heart due to that.I can't rest because of the pain.I had two heart attacks last week.I am having tylenol for pain in heart.Due to the implantation am feeling like getting another heart attack and am scarred about that my question is is it possible to get heart attack after stents replacement.please tell me ,Thank you.

2015-03-16 Answered By : Dr. Eduardo B. Saad,MD, PhD, FHRS

Answer:It is not normal to have such pain after stent implantation. You should see your doctor and check what is going on. It is possible to get a heart attack after a stent implantation, as for example when there is a clot in the stent.

Hello Doctor,I am 44 years old and i am having lots of Angina attacks.I got heart attack 12 weeks ago and was also told that half of my heart died in the heart attack.Doctors showed me pictures of my heart and the bottom half is not working and stent has been implanted in my heart.Now my heart rate is only 43 beats when resting Is this normal heart rate for me after placing the stent.Thank you.

2015-03-16 Answered By : Dr. Eduardo B. Saad,MD, PhD, FHRS

Answer:The slow heart rate could be due to medications that are used after a heart attack (beta blockers) or due to dysfunction of the sinus node (the generator of the heart beat). You should tell your doctor about it.

I had a stent about 6 years ago and not having any more problems after the implantation.when I was checked one year ago I have 40% blockage in another artery and 50% in another one.My cardiologist told me that there were less blockages now than 6 years ago even having stent,I want to buy a sauna spa/ozone,Would this be safe for me?would that effect the stent that I have? Please suggest me ,Thanks.

2015-03-16 Answered By : Dr. Eduardo B. Saad,MD, PhD, FHRS

Answer:It should be OK, there is no problem if you don\'t have ischemia in your tests (for instance during a treadmill test).

I am 56 years old female and 230lbs shortness of breath.I have had lots of ekgs and never had an abnormal result.EKG at family doctor said abnormal three statements of infract look for possible blockage lower heart.He wants to do a stress echo test in a few days.Can i go to ER after that do an EKG so that heart specialist can read the reports and they can reveal what fault in the reports.please guide me.

2015-03-16 Answered By : Dr. Eduardo B. Saad,MD, PhD, FHRS

Answer:Can\'t give you advice on how to proceed in terms of where to have the tests done. Maybe your doctor can better help.

Hi, I had a stent placed in my heart after 2 days am feeling some tingling in my hands and some pain in my heart.I had a blockage in my artery between 70-80 percent.I didn't get any attack.Am taking the medicines like plavix, aspirin 81 mg, fifth oil 1200 mg, and simvastatin 20 mg. Taking this type of medicines is enough to control my pain in heart and hands.Please tell me, Thank you.

2015-03-16 Answered By : Dr. Eduardo B. Saad,MD, PhD, FHRS

Answer:It seems prudent to contact your cardiologist and tell him about these symptoms. They might be normal but also may represent some sort of residual ischemia.

60 yrs old this year. Diagnosed with PAF three years ago. Episodes about once a week...not lasting more than 8 hours. Stress test: excellent. Diltiazem and aspirin until last year. Started Sotolol and Warfarini (as prep for ablation) four months ago after Flecainide as pill in pocket sent me into AFlutter. 80 mg sotalol since hr resting is around 42. No low heart rate issues. Pretty fit and no smoking/caffeine/alcohol. Symptoms: palpitations and urgent urination while in AFib. Scheduled for ablation for flutter and fib in a month. Catch-22: Do I do it while I am still paroxysmal and on the lower range of "old" or not take the risk?

2015-03-08 Answered By : Dr. Eduardo B. Saad,MD, PhD, FHRS

Answer:Defitely the best time to have the ablation done is when you are still in paroxysmal AF, even more so if left atrium not enlarged. So, this may be the window of opportunity to have the procedure done.

I am 51 years old male.I take 180mg sotalol b.d and i am suffered with paroxysmal AF for 8 years, 2 ablations later & facing a 3rd,my episodes are nearly always nocturnal & make me burp when they occur.At that time Cold showers which will help me.I am wondering about the treatment effects of melatonin .sometimes i rarely get an attack during daylight.Is there any brain chemical in the treatment effects of melatonin that is secreted at night time and triggering these episodes.

2015-03-08 Answered By : Dr. Eduardo B. Saad,MD, PhD, FHRS

Answer:Usually AF that mostly happens during sleep is due to a strong influence of the Vagus nerve. I am not aware of any proved benefits (or of a potential harm) of Melatonin or of any other influences on the sleeping pattern.

A week ago i woke up in the morning ad didn't feel good for about 30 min.I felt like my heart beat has started racing,immediately i took my BP having Systolic 128 , Diastolic 88, and my Pulse was 141 and irratic."I am on the following medications for A-Fib: Digoxin, Metoprolol, Diltiazem, and of course Warfarin.What i have to do as I am on these medicines mentioned above?would i have to consult any doctor or else any other medicines you suggest.

2015-03-08 Answered By : Dr. Eduardo B. Saad,MD, PhD, FHRS

Answer:The medications you are on are intended only to control the heart rate once it goes in AF and not to prevent AF from happening. You should talk to your doctor and ask if your case is suitable for an Antiarrhythmic Drug (could be Sotalol, Flecainide, Amiodarone).

Doctor,I have paroxysmal a-fib and am taking Sotalol 120 and Usually that medication is enough to keep my heart in sinus rhythm but lately, it has not been enough.My atrial valve has a leaked.I have occasional skipped heart beats.I consulted a Doctor and he told me that they are not really skipped heart beats, they are heart beats bunched together so that it feels like a heart beat is question is having leaking atrial valve causes "skpped" heart beats?If so,How can i get rid of this skipped beats?

2015-03-08 Answered By : Dr. Eduardo B. Saad,MD, PhD, FHRS

Answer:If your valve has a severe leaking, then this could aggravate the AF and the skipped beats. Otherwise I don\'t believe there is a strong influence. It is hard to tell, since the AF can be progressing and more commonly you notice the skipped beats, irrespective of the vale leak.

My wife has afib and diagnosed two months ago. Before she was using medicines like Prodaxa and Metropolal.Now she started taking Warfarin, Carvedilol and Amiodarone.I am concerned that this medicine amiodarone has too many side effects and is to be used in "life threatning situations"and She is not in that situation. My question is taking such type of drug cannot causes any issue for her

2015-03-08 Answered By : Dr. Eduardo B. Saad,MD, PhD, FHRS

Answer:Amiodarone is the most effective antiarrhythmic drug to control AF. It is not only used for life threatening arrhythmias. However, it is also the one with the most worrisome side effects over the long run, with many organs involved, mainly the Thyroid, Liver, Eye, Lungs and Peripheral Nerves. You should talk to your doctor and weight the risks and benefits of such a treatment and consider also alternatives such as catheter ablation.

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