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EHRA EP-wires surveys: what is common practice in device management?

Guidelines and recommendations within the field of electrophysiological (EP) practice are usually drawn from the results of multicentre trials, often conducted in selected centers and under special circumstances. In contrast, daily practice is generally influenced by many factors, which may be different from those that are considered in strictly controlled scientific conditions. Even though patient registries may mirror daily practice, the enrollment of consecutive patients for longer periods of time for such purpose within the health care community is costly and time consuming. A short form of survey directed to physicians, could within a reasonable time frame highlight areas where the evidence base for clinical practice and implementation of guidelines needs to be augmented. Such short form of surveys, called EP Wires, are on-line surveys carefully constructed to give a picture of daily cardiac EP practice in Europe without burdening the responders with extensive data collection. The network of centers formed, are contacted on a regular basis every month. It is the purpose of this summary to present the result of four such EP wires, all of which concern devices, with special emphasis on centre differences and adherence to guidelines.

Credits: Carina BlomströmLundqvist; Maria G Bongiorni

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