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Shock Lead Dislodgement Related To Its Small Hair-Pin Curve In A Pocket -A Case Of Ratchet Syndrome

There have been few reports about ratchet syndrome. We report a case of ratchet syndrome caused by small hair-pin curve of lead that triggered the lead retract itself. A 69-year-old man with a past history of inferior wall myocardial infarction, presented with progressive congestive heart failure. He underwent implantation of CRTD at our hospital. At 33 days after implantation, shock lead dislodgement was revealed. X-ray showed that the lead tip was in left subclavian vein, leaving its screw out, and a large part of the proximal portion of the lead was retracted into the pocket, while the other two leads remained in appropriate positions and the device had not rotated. An X-ray series showed that a hair-pin curve had been expanding gradually from just after implantation. In this case, relatively stiff shock lead was markedly bent and expanded the curve in the pocket, and ratchet-like movement occurred. We here report a new type of ratchet syndrome.

Credits: Yuka Taguchi; Kohei Matsushita; Toshiyuki Ishikawa; Yutaka Ogino; Hirooki Matsushita; Junya Hosoda; Katsumi Matsumoto; Satoshi Umemura

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