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Effect of Bronchial Asthma on Interatrial Electromechanical Delay coupling obtained by Using Tissue Doppler Imaging, a cross-sectional study

Objectives: Asthma is a predisposing factor for the development of atrial fibrillation. Asthma disturbs the electrophysiological in right and left atrium. The aim of this study was to evaluate atrial electromechanical delay coupling obtained by tissue Doppler imaging (TDI). Methods and Results: A total of 40 children (age 5 to 15 years) with bronchial asthma and 40 age-and gender-matched controls investigated. Pulmonary function test was performed in all subjects. The Intra-right atrial conduction time (IRCT), intra-left atrial conduction time (ILCT) and inter-atrial conduction time (IACT) were calculated. Systolic and diastolic right ventricular (RV) function was assessed by TDI, conventional echocardiography and pulse Doppler wave. our finding appeared normal geometry RA and LA between two groups. Diastolic RV function showed no significant difference between subjects by Pulse wave Doppler in tricuspid flow. According to TDI, tricuspid E’ (p = 0.015), A’, E’/A’ ratio, IVRT (p = 0.0001, respectively) and MPI (p = 0.004) also S’ (P=0.048) were different. Intra- and interatrial electromechanical delays (p=0.007) were significantly higher in patients compared with controls. There was statistically in significant in IRCT (p = 0.0001), IACT (p = 0.005). There was a Correlations among the IRCT / IACT and the MPI (r = 0.35, p < 0.004- r = 0.52, p = 0.008), the IVRT (r = 0.46, p = 0.003; and r = 0.58, p = 0.008). Conclusions: We showed that IRCT and IACT prolonged in asthmatic pediatrics. There was positively correlation among with IRCT and IACT and right ventricular myocardial performance index, and no correlation with TDI diastolic parameters’.

Credits: Yazdan Ghandi, Danial Habibi, Mohammad Abasi

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