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DynamicLate Activation Mapping in Heavily Scarred Left Atrium andPersistent Atrial Fibrillation; A Proof of Concept Case Report

We report the case of a 68-year-old male, presenting with persistent atrial fibrillation (Pe AF) refractory to anti arrhythmic medications and cardioversion, on a background history of ischaemic heart disease. Pre and post standard pulmonary vein isolation (PVI), left atrial (LA) voltageanalyses wereperformed, followed by dynamic late activation time (DLAT) mapping in addition to focal activity identification.Thisdemonstrated a heavily scarred LA, and a number ofareas of focal activity. The patient remained in atrial fibrillation (AF) post rotor (focal activity) targeting,howevernotable changes in AF cycle length (CL)werenotedandslowed by an average of 25.3 milliseconds. Comparison between DLAT mappingpre and post PVI were anatomically similar but not identical. The anatomical distribution of heavy scar areas in the LA did not correspond to the DLAT areas of interest. The patient subsequentlyremained in normal sinus rhythm (SR) for 6 monthson a low dose Beta blockade in a short follow up period. DLAT mapping and its characteristics in heavily scarred LA are reported in this case.

Credits: Benjamin Mac Curtain, James Mannion, Santhosh David, Roger Byrne, Usama Boles

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