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Title: Clinical Discussions in Antithrombotic Therapy Management : A Delphi Consensus Panel

Credits: Gabriello Marchetti, Emanuele Bertaglia, Alberto Camerini, Giuseppe De Angelis, Lucia Filippucci, Antonio Maggi,Sebastiano Marra, Carlo Racani, Carlo Serrati

Title: Influence of age and gender on complications of catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation

Credits: Giuseppe Stabile, Emanuele Bertaglia, Carlo Pappone, Sakis Themistoclakis, Claudio Tondo, Alessandro Zorzi, Matteo Anselmino

  • Dr. Emanuele Bertaglia, MD.

    Affiliation: He was graduated Medical Doctor at the University of Padua discussing with Prof. Sergio Dalla Volta the thesis “Cardiovascular effects of acute and chronic exposure to the high altitude hypoxia”. In February 03 1997 he obtained the Diploma of Specialist in Cardiology at the University of Padua. He worked at the Department of Cardiology of the Ospedale Civile of Mirano (Venice), where he was Chief of the Electrophysiology Lab. In this period he acquired a particular competence in the fields of cardiac pacing and electrophysiology, developing clinical and scientific interest in the management of atrial fibrillation. He is working at the Clinica Cardiologica of the University Hospital of Padua as chief of the Interventistic Arrhythmology Unit. He is President of the Regional Council of the Associazione Italiana Aritmologia e Cardiostimolazione.

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