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Title: Confirmation of Pulmonary Vein Isolation with High-Density Mapping: Comparison to Traditional Workflows

Credits: Christopher Porterfield, Peter J. Gora, Alexander Wystrach, Pietro Rossi, Mariano Rillo, Frederic A. Sebag, Marco Giuggia, Massimo Mantica, Anja Dorszewski, Zayd Eldadah, Mario Volpicelli, Nicola Bottoni, Christian Jøns, Zachary T. Hollis, Lukas Dekker, Shibu Mathew, Joern Schmitt, and Kent Nilsson

Title: Predictors of Successful Ultrasound Guided Femoral Vein Cannulation in Electrophysiological Procedures

Credits: Francesco De Sensi MD, Gennaro Miracapillo MD, Luigi Addonisio MD, Marco Breschi MD, Marco Scalese PhD, Alberto Cresti MD, Francesco Paneni MD, PhD, Ugo Limbruno MD

Title: Rate versus Rhythm Control in Patients with Normal to Mild Left Atrial Enlarge-ment: Insights from the AFFIRM Trial

Credits: Talal Alzahrani, MD, MPH1, James McCaffrey, MD1, Marco Mercader, MD, FACC, FHRS1, Allen Solomon, MD, FACC, FHRS1

Title: Computational Flow Dynamic Analysis of Right and Left Atria in Patent Foramen Ovale: Potential Links with Atrial Fibrillation

Credits: Gianluca Rigatelli, Marco Zuin , Alan Fong

Title: Internal jugular vein complete thrombosis after dual chamber pacemaker implant

Credits: Angelo Placci, Maria Mattioli, Maria Francesca Notarangelo, Gianluca Gonzi, Marco Zardini

Title: Implantable Loop Recorder: Diagnostic Yield And Possible Therapeutic Effect In Patients With Neurally Mediated Reflex Syncope

Credits: Unterhuber M, Rauhe W, Sgobino P, Pescoller F, Manfrin M, Tomaino M

Title: Combined Diagnostic Yield of Tilt Table Test And Implantable Loop Recorder to Identify Patients Affected by Severe Clinical Presentation of Neurally-Mediated Reflex Syncope who Could Respond to Cardiac Pacing

Credits: Tomaino M, Unterhuber M, Sgobino P, Pescoller F, Manfrin M, Rauhe W

Title: Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation without radiation exposure using a 3D mapping system

Credits: Marco Scaglione, MD, Elisa Ebrille, MD, Francesca Di Clemente, MD, Fiorenzo Gaita, MD

Title: Electrical and Hemodynamic Evaluation of Ventricular and Supraventricular Tachycardias with an Implantable Cardiac Stimulator

Credits: Claudio Pandozi MD, Franco Di Gregorio BiolScD, Carlo Lavalle MD, Renato Pietro Ricci MD, Sabina Ficili MD, Marco Galeazzi MD, Maurizio Russo MD, Angela Pandozi MD, Furio Colivicchi MD, Massimo Santini MD

Title: Vasovagal syncope as a manifestation of an evolutionary selected trait

Credits: Paolo Alboni, Marco Alboni

Title: Silent Cerebral Embolism during Atrial Fibrillation Ablation: Pathophysiology, Prevention and Management

Credits: Matteo Anselmino, Mario Matta, Elisabetta Toso, Federico Ferraris, Davide Castagno, Marco Scaglione, Federico Cesarani, Riccardo Faletti, Fiorenzo Gaita

Title: Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Supplementation: Mechanism and Current Evidence in Atrial Fibrillation

Credits: Savina Nodari MD, Marco Triggiani MD, Umberto Campia MD, Livio Dei Cas MD

  • Dr. Marco Scaglione, MD, PhD, FHRS.

    Affiliation: Director of the Cardiology Division of Cardinal Massaia Hospital in Asti, Italy. His field of interest has focused on clinical arrhythmia and transcatheter ablation techniques. He’s currently directly involved in management and interventional procedures of arrhythmias in pediatric population and GUCH. In the last 22 years, his constant work has produced 74 publications published in national and international peer reviewed journals and several widely referred books and textbooks. To date he is actively involved in several professional national and international societies as the European Society in Cardiology.

  • Dr. Marco Tomaino, MD.

    Affiliation: Marco Tomaino is a cardiologist, arrhythmologist and syncope expert in the Department of Cardiology of the Central Hospital of Bolzano, Italy. He is involved in the scientific activity of GIMSI (Multidisciplinary Italian Group for the Study of Syncope) as member of the national committee and AIAC (Italian Group of Arrhythmology and Cardiostimulation) in the role of regional president.

  • Marco Proietti, .

    Affiliation: Dr. Marco Proietti has an extensive experience in planning, setting and managing of large observational and randomized clinical studies. He is primarily interested in Atrial Fibrillation clinical management and, in particular, in the interaction between co-morbidities and Atrial Fibrillation in determining adverse outcomes.

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