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Title: A patient with asymptomatic cerebral lesions during AF ablation: how much should we worry?

Credits: G B Forleo, D G Della Rocca, C Lavalle, M Mantica, L P Papavasileiou, V Ribatti, G Panattoni, L Santini, A Natale, L Di Biase

Title: Radiation dose is significantly reduced by use of contact force sensing catheter during circumferential pulmonary vein isolation

Credits: Giuseppe Stabile, Antonio De Simone, Francesco Solimene, Assunta Iuliano, Vincenzo La Rocca, Vincenzo Schillaci, Alfonso Panella, Gergana Shopova, Felice Nappi, Francesco Urraro, Giovanni Russo, Giovanni Napolitano, Paola Chiariello

Title: Cost-effectiveness of Dabigatran exilate in treatment of atrial fibrillation

Credits: Giovanni Galvani, Alberto Grassetto, Stefania Sterlicchio, Sakis Themistoclakis, Andrea Venturini, Giampaolo Zoffoli, Domenico Mangino

Title: A questionable indication for ICD extraction after successful VT ablation

Credits: Luca Segreti, MD, Andrea Di Cori, MD, Giulio Zucchelli, MD, PhD, Ezio Soldati, MD, Giovanni Coluccia, MD, Stefano Viani, MD, Luca Paperini, MD, Maria Grazia Bongiorni, MD, FESC

Title: Sudden death after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation. Are Bradyarrhythmias always the cause?

Credits: Lida P.Papavasileiou, Antonios Halapas, Michael Chrisocheris, Kyriakos Bellos, Nikolaos Bouboulis, Stratis Pattakos, Georgios Zervopoulos, Luca Santini, Konstantinos Spargias, Francesco Romeo, Giovanni Forleo, Theodoros Apostolopoulos

Title: The Growing Culture of a Minimally Fluoroscopic Approach in Electrophysiology Lab

Credits: Michela Casella, Eleonora Russo, Francesca Pizzamiglio, Sergio Conti, Ghaliah Al-Mohani, Daniele Colombo, Victor Casula, Yuri D’Alessandra, Viviana Biagioli, Corrado Carbucicchio, Stefania Riva, Gaetano Fassini, Massimo Moltrasio, Fabrizio Tundo, Martina Zucchetti, Benedetta Majocchi, Vittoria Marino, Giovanni Forleo, Pasquale Santangeli, Luigi Di Biase, Antonio Dello Russo, Andrea Natale, Claudio Tondo

Title: Clinical Relevance of Systematic CRT Device Optimization

Credits: Maurizio LUNATI, Giovanni MAGENTA, Giuseppe CATTAFI, Antonella MOREO, Giacomo FALASCHI, Danilo CONTARDI, Emanuela LOCATI

Title: Monitoring Atrial Fibrillation After Catheter Ablation

Credits: Giovanni B Forleo, MD PhD, MAssimo Moltrasio, MD, Michela Casella MD, PhD, Antonio Dello Russo MD, PhD, Getano Fassini, MD, Manfredi Tesauro, MD, PhD, Claudio Tondo, MD, PhD.

Title: Exploring the potential role of catheter ablation in patients with asymptomatic atrial fibrillation. Should we move away from symptom relief?

Credits: Giovanni B Forleo, Luigi Di Biase, Domenico G Della Rocca, Luca Santini, Gaetano Fassini, Andrea Natale, Claudio Tondo

Title: Commentary on : New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation Predicts Long-Term Mortality After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft by El-chami

Credits: Giovanni Filardo PhD, MPH

  • Dr. Giovanni Battista Forleo, MD, PhD.

    Affiliation: Dr. Giovanni B Forleo received his Medical Degree at the University of Florence, Italy. Subsequently he completed his Residency at the Catholic University in Rome. After the clinical fellowship, he obtained the PhD and has been appointed Adjunctive Professor at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Dr. Forleo currently serves as cardiac electrophysiologist at the University Hospital of Tor Vergata in Rome. His major area of research is related to cardiac pacing and electrophysiology. His research work has been published in a variety of international journals and was presented in many international conferences.

  • Dr. Filippo Stazi, MD.

    Affiliation: Cardiologist and arrhythmologist at the San Giovanni – Addolorata Hospital of Rome, Italy. His fields of interest are clinical arrhythmias and pacemaker, implantable cardiac defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization therapy implantation and follow up. He is author of several papers on national and international medical journals and of several abstracts to national and international congresses. He is director of the italian magazine “Heart & Health”.

  • Dr. Fiorenzo Gaita, MD.

    Affiliation: Full Professor in Cardiology at the Department of Medical Sciences, University of Turin, Italy. His field of interest has focused on clinical arrhythmias and transcatheter ablation techniques. Above all, in the last thirty years, he pioneered this field directly contributing to the first transcatheter ablation by DC shock carried out in Europe, the first surgical ablations for accessory pathways and the percutaneous ablation techniques of nodal reentrant tachycardias.

  • Dr. Pietro Rossi, MD. PhD.

    Affiliation: Cardiovascular Division, Arrhythmology Unit, Ospedale S. Giovanni Calibita, Fatebenefratelli, Rome, Italy.

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