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Title: Implantable Loop Recorder: Diagnostic Yield And Possible Therapeutic Effect In Patients With Neurally Mediated Reflex Syncope

Credits: Unterhuber M, Rauhe W, Sgobino P, Pescoller F, Manfrin M, Tomaino M

Title: Combined Diagnostic Yield of Tilt Table Test And Implantable Loop Recorder to Identify Patients Affected by Severe Clinical Presentation of Neurally-Mediated Reflex Syncope who Could Respond to Cardiac Pacing

Credits: Tomaino M, Unterhuber M, Sgobino P, Pescoller F, Manfrin M, Rauhe W

  • Dr. Marco Tomaino, MD.

    Affiliation: Marco Tomaino is a cardiologist, arrhythmologist and syncope expert in the Department of Cardiology of the Central Hospital of Bolzano, Italy. He is involved in the scientific activity of GIMSI (Multidisciplinary Italian Group for the Study of Syncope) as member of the national committee and AIAC (Italian Group of Arrhythmology and Cardiostimulation) in the role of regional president.

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