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Diagnostic and Management Difficulties of Complete Atrioventricular Block In Children in Marrakech: A Report of Three Cases With a Review of the Literature

Complete atrioventricular block is a rare affection in children. It is the consequence of abnormal conduction tissue within a cardiac malformation or it is due to cardiac injury. Yet the etiology of late complete atrioventricular block in child remains mostly unknown. The treatment of children\'s Complete atrioventricular block is the implantation of a pacemaker with immediate results satisfactory in the absence of associated cardiomyopathy. In this observation we will treat three cases.

Credits: Mounia Khramaz; Salwa Elkarimi; Dounia Benzerroual; Mustapha Elhattaoui; Fahd Aboutofail; Drissi Boumzebra; Rachid Elhaouati

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