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Instructions to Reviewers

Sending Reviewer Invitations:

Invitations will be sent to reviewer through e-mail unless you have selected a different Preferred Method of Contact. In the sent invitation to review a manuscript, we mentioned details about the complete article, reviewer may receive the text of the abstract in an initial e-mail invitation to review. Depending upon how the Editorial Office has configured the invitation process, he or she may also have access to download the manuscript before agreeing to review.

After accepting a Reviewer Invitation:

By clicking ‘Agree to Review’, the reviewer will accesss the manuscript and we will provide a timespan to submit the reviewer comments on the manuscript.Reviewer will submit the comments through e-mail.

Declining a Reviewer Invitation:

Clicking ‘Decline to Review’ will alert the Editorial Office that the Reviewer will not be reviewing the paper. The system will ask to suggest reviewers who are able to review the manuscript.

Submitting a Review:

Publications may choose to offer direct links to system features from the e-mail communications sent to invited and accepted Reviewers. These are available for the following Reviewer actions:

  •    Login as Reviewer - When the Reviewer will login to the main website, he finds reviewers portal page, there he will find some options regarding Review.
  •    View Reviewer version of the PDF - This link is available if the Editorial Office configures the invitation e-mail to include it in the notification to the invited Reviewer. The Reviewer will be able to click on the hyperlink to download the Reviewer version of the PDF.
  •    Post comments - The Reviewer will post comments to Editor, Author and suggested changes then only he will submit comments.
Contact with the Editorial Office:

At the time of submitting the reviews, if any problem has occured Reviewer has to contact Editorial Office through E-mail.

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