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Use of Barbed Suture for Wound Closure in Electrophysiology Device Procedures

Background: Barbed suture use in surgical fields such as gynecology and orthopedic surgery has been associated with faster wound closure, improved cosmesis, increased cost-effectiveness and potentially decreased rates of infection, while the use of barbed suture in electrophysiology device procedures has not been reported. Objective: To investigate the safety and effectiveness of barbed suture in wound closure in patients after EP implantable cardioverter defibrillators and loop recorders (CIED) procedures in order to determine whether these sutures have an advantage in device implant procedures by improving incision integrity, and potentially leading to lower rates of infections compared to non-barbed sutures. Methods: We compared retrospectively the closure success and complications in 413 patients undergoing CIED without Quill sutures and with Quill sutures. The primary outcome being closure success and pocket infection/dehiscence within 3 months of CIED. Results: Of the 413 patients who followed up in 3 months, there was a non-significant trend toward a lower infection rate with barbed versus non-barbed suture 1.31%, vs 1.63% p= 0.78. Conclusion: This study confirms the safety and usefulness of barbed suture material for wound closure during CIED procedures.

Credits: Alexander Khodak, Adam S Budzikowski

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