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A Rare Case of Bronchopericardial Fistula Following Atrial Fibrillation Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for atrial fibrillation (AF) has emerged as an effective and reliable treatment modality. Since its introduction in the 1990s, major and minor complications have been identified. Major complications include periprocedural death, atrioesophageal (AE) fistula, stroke, cardiac perforation and tamponade, pulmonary venous stenosis, phrenic nerve injury, retroperitoneal hematoma, and arrhythmias. Minor complications include pseudoaneurysms and arteriovenous fistulas (1-3). We report an extremely rare and life-threatening complication of bronchopericardial fistula following AF ablation resulting in respiratory complications.

Credits: Ghulam Murtaza, Daisy Young, Krishna Akella, Rakesh Gopinathannair, Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, Alap Shah

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