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Factors Associated with Moderate Physical Activity Among Older Adults with Atrial Fibrillation

Objective:Engaging patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) in moderate-intensity physical activity has been encouraged by published guidelines. We examinedfactors associated with engagement in moderate physical activity among older adults with AF. Methods: Data are from the SAGE (Systematic Assessment of Geriatric Elements)-AF study. Older adults (≥65 years) with AF and a CHA2DS2-VASc≥2were recruited from several clinics in Massachusetts and Georgia between 2015 and 2018. The Minnesota Leisure Time Physical Activity questionnaire was used to assess whether participants engaged in moderate-intensityphysical activity (i.e. at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise). Logistic regression was utilized to examine the sociodemographic and clinical characteristics and geriatric elements associated with engaging in moderate-intensityphysical activity. Results: Participants were on average 76 years old and 48% werewomen. Approximately one-half (52%)of study participants engaged in moderate-intensity physical activity. Morbid obesity (adjusted OR [aOR]=0.41, 90%CI=0.23-0.73), medical history of renal disease (aOR=aOR=0.68,90%CI= 0.48-0.96), slow gait speed (aOR=0.44,90%CI=0.32-0.60), cognitive impairment (aOR=0.74, 90%CI=0.56-0.97), and social isolation (aOR=0.58, 90%CI= 0.40-0.84) were independently associated with a lower likelihood, while higher AF related quality of life score (aOR=1.64, 90%CI=1.25-2.16) a greater likelihood, of meeting recommended levels of moderate physical activity. Conclusions:Nearly one-halfof older adults with NVAF did not engage in moderate-intensity exercise. Clinicians should identifyolder patients with NVAF who are less likely to engage in physical activity and develop tailored interventions to promoteregular physical activity.

Credits: Jordy Mehawej,Jane S.Saczysnki, Catarina I. Kiefe,Eric Ding, Hawa O. Abu,Darleen Lessard,Robert H. Helm, Benita A. Bamgbade, Connor Saleeba, Weijia Wang, David D. McManus, Robert J. Goldberg

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