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Echocardiography in the prediction of atrial fibrillation recurrence: a review

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a very common sustained arrhythmia. Co-morbidities and age signifi cantly accelerate the progression of AF to persistent and permanent forms and the development of complications. The rate of AF recurrence is 10% in the fi rst year after the initial diagnosis (25–50% in the first month after restoration of sinus rhythm) and about 5% per annum thereafter. Left ventricular (LV) diastolic dysfunction degree has been associated with new-onset AF and in the last few years many new parameters to evaluate diastolic function were introduced and validated, even in patients with AF.
Aim of this review was to summarize echocardiographic parameters, focusing on new tools, to evaluate patients with AF and to explore the role of echocardiographic evaluation to predict recurrence of the arrhythmia

Credits: Maria Caputo; Sergio Mondillo

Biosense Webster
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