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Catheter Ablation Targeting Complex Fractionated Atrial Electrogram in Atrial Fibrillation

The relatively low success rates seen with pulmonary vein ablation in non-paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF) patients as compared to those with the paroxysmal form of the arrhythmia have prompted electrophysiologists to search for newer ablative strategies. A decade has passed since the initial description of complex fractionated atrial electrogram (CFAE) ablation aimed at targeting the electrophysiological substrate in atrial fibrillation. Despite intensive research, superiority of CFAE-based ablation over other contemporary approaches could not be demonstrated. Nevertheless, the technique has an adjunctive role to pulmonary vein ablation in non-paroxysmal AF patients. Perhaps our incomplete understanding of the complex AF pathophysiology and inadequate characterization or determination of CFAE has limited our success so far. This review aims to highlight the current challenges and future role of CFAE ablation. 

Credits: Dennis H. Lau; Stef Zeemering; Bart Maesen; Pawel Kuklik; Sander Verheule; Ulrich Schotten

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