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Typically yes for the first 2-3 months. Immediately post ablation, due to irritability of the heart, pts tend to have atrial arrhtymias which may or may not mean a whole lot in the long term. So we generally continue antiarrhythmics (Tikosyn) in your case for at least 2-3 months. After that based on how you do, we generally discontinue it. Eliquis is typically continued for the first 4-6 months. Long term Eliquis would be based on you stroke risk as defined by CHADS2Vasc or CHADS2 score.
We generally recommend taking AV node blockers (beta blockers) or calcium channel blockers with Flecainide even when using it a PIP to prevent the risk of 1:1 conduction. Having said that, if you are having resting bradycardia, and if your heart rates are not in the tachycardia range when you are in Afib, the likelihood of you going into flutter with 1:1 conduction is very low. Since its only PIP approach, it would generally safer to take at least one dose of a low dose, short acting AV node blocker and it should not be impacting your rates for too long.
a 24h Holter will provide your doctor with more information
with this information i cant help you.
In your case the indication to perform an LAA closure and stop anticoagulation is given. This is a good argument to go for a thoracoscopic procedure. This will include bipolar RF PVI in addition to LAA Clipping. After this procedure you will require anticoagulation for 6 Weeks afterwhich this can be discontinued safely. The results fo this procedure are excellent.
sorry i can only give you advice on european centers. but the website has all relevant informations. Best of Luck!
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