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Past Issue: Aug-Sep 2017, Volume-10 Issue-2


Title: Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Empowering the Patient

Credits: Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

Original Research

Title: Feasibility and Usability of a Mobile Application to Asses Symptoms and Affect in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: A Pilot Study

Credits: Hamid Ghanbari, MD, MPH, Sardar Ansari, MD, Michael Ghannam, MD, Sangeeta Lathkar-Pradhan, MBBS, Anna Kratz, PhD, Hakan Oral, MD, Kayvan Najarian, PhD, Daniel Clauw, MD, Brahmajee Nallamothu, MD, MPH

Title: A Simplified Trans-Septal Puncture Technique using a Needle Free Approach for Cryoablation of Atrial Fibrillation

Credits: Adam Graham

Title: Postpacing Interval During Right Ventricular Overdrive Pacing to Discriminate Supraventricular from Ventricular tachycardia

Credits: Ebru Golcuk, Ekrem Bilal Karaayvaz, Tolga Aksu, Muhammet Arslan, Selma Kenar Tiryakioglu, Ahmet Kaya Bilge, Kamil Adalet

Title: Laser catheter ablation of long- lasting persistent atrial fibrillation: Long term results

Credits: Helmut Weber, MD, Michaela Sagerer-Gerhardt, MD, Armin Heinze, Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Title: Ablation of “Background Tachycardia” in Long Standing Atrial Fibrillation: Improving the Outcomes by Unmasking a Residual Atrial Fibrillation Perpetuator

Credits: José Carlos Pachón Mateos, Enrique I Pachón Mateos, Tomas G Santillana Peña, Tasso Julio Lobo, Carlos Thiene C Pachón, Juán Carlos Pachón Mateos, Remy Nelson Albornoz V, Juán Carlos Zerpa Acosta, Felipe Ortencio and Mauricio Arruda

Title: Is CHA2DS2-VASc Score Different in Patients with Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation Suffering from Cerebral and Non-cerebral Thromboembolism

Credits: Volkan Emren, Fatih Ada, Mustafa Aldemir,Evren Tecer, Damla Çelik, Ersin Çelik, Ersel Onrat

Title: Routine Use Of Intracardia Echocardiography for Atrial Flutter Ablation is Associated With Reduced Fluroscopy Time, But Not with a Reduction of Radiofrequency Energy Delivery Time

Credits: Dalibor Herman, Pavel Osmancik, Jana Zdarska, Radka Prochazkova

Case Report

Title: Resolution of AV block after ablation for atrial fibrillation

Credits: Matthew Glassy MD, Nayereh Pezeshkian MD, MPH, FHRS, Yingbo Yang MD PhD, Uma Srivatsa MBBS, MAS, FACC, FHRS


Credits: David A. Hoffman

Title: Frequent Premature Ventricular Contractions and Cardiomyopathy, Chicken and Egg situation

Credits: Kivanc YALIN

Title: The Role of Implantable Cardiac Monitors in Atrial Fibrillation Management

Credits: Ciconte G, Giacopelli D, Pappone C.

Journal Review

Title: Leadless Pacemakers – Implant, Explant and Long-Term Safety and Efficacy Data

Credits: Krishna Kancharla, MD, Abhishek J. Deshmukh, MD, Paul A. Friedman, MD

Letters to Editor

Title: Monitoring esophageal temperature during catheter ablation

Credits: Antonio Fasano

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