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Title: Dilated cardiomyopathy with severe arrhythmias in Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy: from ablation to heart transplantation.

Credits: Olga Blagova, Alexander Nedostup, Dmitry Shumakov, Vitaly Poptsov, Anna Shestak, Elena Zaklyasminskaya

Title: Myocardial Biopsy in “Idiopathic» Atrial Fibrillation and Other Arrhythmias: Nosological Diagnosis, Clinical and Morphological Parallels, and Treatment

Credits: O.V.Blagova, A.V.Nedostup, E.A.Kogan, V.A.Sulimov, S.A.Abugov, A.G.Kupryanova, V.A.Zaydenov, A.E.Donnikov, E.V.Zaklyazminskaya, E.A.Okisheva

  • Dr. Olga Blagova, MD.

    Affiliation: Olga Blagova, Cardiologist at V.N.Vinogradov Faculty Theraputic University clinic, professor of internal medicine department, I.M.Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. Research interests include the so-called idiopathic arrhythmia, medicamental treatment of arrhythmias, cardiac implantable electronic devices, sudden cardiac death, genetic, diagnosis noncoronary diseases (myocarditis, cardiomyopathies) using myocardial biopsy, and their differentiated treatment (including immunosuppressive and antiviral therapy).

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